A new realm - Fellowship at Warwick

   Sep 9, 2022     1 min read

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It turns out that graduating from Cambridge wasn’t the end of my academic career at all! Instead, for the next 12 months, I’ll be working at the University of Warwick as a junior teaching fellow in cybersecurity.

What does that mean? Well, in many ways, it’s just like being a lecturer. I’ll be helping to run lectures, group teaching sessions and practical classes for the BSc Cybersecurity students. As I acquaint myself with the courses and students’ learning needs, I’ll also get to design my own teaching materials and even entire course modules. Perhaps the only difference from being a lecturer is that doing research won’t be my primary aim - although I’ll likely get at least a bit of exposure to the cybersecurity group’s research, and I’d love to contribute a little.

I’m incredibly excited to be starting this position. The Cyber Security Centre in WMG is a world-leading group in both teaching and research, and combines academic learning with exposure to industry to set a gold standard for practical degrees. It is an absolute privilege to take this opportunity and I hope to make a difference to the next generation of cyber experts while I’m here.