About me


I'm a teaching fellow in cybersecurity at the University of Warwick. As a teaching fellow, I primarily lecture the "maths-y" modules (such as discrete maths, cryptography, and algorithms and complexity), while acting as a secondary lecturer in software security-related modules. Before joining Warwick, I studied computer science at the University of Cambridge, graduating in 2022. I'm still hoping to do a PhD at some point, but time will tell when I get round to that.


  • Cybersecurity (cryptography, reverse engineering and adversarial machine learning)
  • Languages (Japanese is a special favourite of mine)
  • Linguistics (particularly phonetics and natural language processing)
  • History (mainly military-political)
  • EU law

Things I'm good at

  • Super Smash Bros.
  • Touhou
  • Ace Combat
  • The Binding of Isaac (achieved Dead God)

Things I wish I was good at :(

  • Penetration testing and red teaming
  • Exploit development
  • Music composition

Things I like

  • ProtonMail
  • Tom Clancy
  • Birdwatching
  • Trains

Things I dislike

  • Loyalty programmes
  • Investment banks
  • Zoom


You can see some of my projects (both academic and software/hardware) here.


I love photography! You can find some of my photos here.

Really good books I recommend

See here for some of the books I enjoyed most and recommend reading.

Contacting me

  • I generally welcome email. Don't hesitate to ask for my email address if you need it! :-)
  • Please don't send me tracking pixels. As I live in the EU, doing so may be illegal.
  • I use ProtonMail, so if you already use that, your emails will already be end-to-end encrypted! Or, if you prefer to use PGP, my public keys are here (RSA) and here (ECC). I prefer ECC-encrypted email where possible.